Sunday, January 17, 2010

Class of 2009 Supporting Actress Blogathon: Izabella Miko in Dark Streets

In the world of “Dark Streets”, the unknown aspects of mysterious distractions we play around with in order to simplify them can often lead to the most destructive results…….

When we first see Izabella Miko, she is clad in white among the neon, reds and blacks of Chaz Davenport’s jazz club. She does not participate, merely observing.

We are then built up by other characters to her arrival and when she does, she immediately captures the camera and the character of Chaz Davenport, awakening something in his beaten down spirit, leading to her ascension as The Lady Far From Home…….

……. into The Chanteuse.

Madelaine Bodurant leads us astray, much like Chaz Davenport, into a more conventional tale of romance and big dreams.

As Madelaine professes that she feels most at home on the stage, it is already too late as she has already rocked the foundations of those who inhabit the jazz club, unknown to all that her songs are a wave of discordance.

Her purpose is simple and that is to serve as a fitting distraction for us all.

Izabella Miko’s Madelaine can be mistaken for a wind-up toy serving the grand plot and surely enough, Miko’s performance is a construct guided by attention-grabbing Marian colors (whites and blues!) and an endearingly shot audition that pulls everybody in with puppet strings and close-ups that seem to hug her face lovingly in the director’s palms.

Not all subtle yet quite entertaining and functional.

She is the mysterious distraction.

The Chanteuse.

The Lady of These Dark, Dark Streets.

And she will rule.

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